The Author Society’s primary functions include advising and encouragement of the authors. The advice they receive from us is according to business or profession’s related aspects. The articles and guides are published to assist authors in that regard. The members can get the material for free, while non- members will have to purchase them.

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The purpose of the Author Society is to identify the gem of authors and writers and acknowledge them because of the real talent that they possess. Our organization provides support to more than 10,000 people regardless of their professional area. Through our platform, we create an impact for all the authors giving them valuable advice and arrange a platform where they can get their research published through us.

In order to become a part of the Author Society, a candidate must qualify for it by taking the eligibility quiz. In case you are eligible, we will warmly welcome you to our Author Society.

Anyone who becomes a part of the Author Society will have a chance to avail of various benefits. These include discounts, advice, professional benefits, and guides. As a member, you have a chance to get the maximum out of your membership.

Regarding subscription management online, please visit the members' area. Your account subscription can also be managed via call. Our team member will provide you comprehensive assistance regarding the matter.

Members of Author Society can visit advice page and get tailored advice, and know more about the process.