AUTHOR SOCIETY is providing exceptional and top class services to its members, who have earned their PhD degrees in distinct domains of study. Author Society supports its members and increases their relative worth at international level. Our services are not bounded by geographical boundaries, we assist Doctorates all across the globe in reaching highest standards of professional success. Being a member of Author Society, adds value to the professional profile of Doctorates and they are able to avail best career options through the platform of AUTHOR SOCIETY.

Author Society facilitates all PhDs in making their name listed among the top qualified and famous scholars. We help our members to find the most suitable career that matches their skill level and knowledge. Our PhDs are 100% satisfied with their career and exploring new horizons.


  • 1We get our member Doctorates research papers published in world's top journals.
  • 2We facilitate them in finding the right career through our experts, all over the world.
  • 3We make it easy for all PhD degree holders to get the title of "Doctor" and gain global recognition.

Our Mission "To assist world's PhD degree holders in attaining a top reputation, globally"


  • Business & Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Information Technology
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Engineering
  • Education